Hi there! You’ve already met Jimmy. And I’m Konrad. The starting point for the H.O.P.E. project was my concern about the climate crisis. What can be the solution to this historical task? How do we react to man-made mass extinction? Questions like that kept me anxiously watching the public discussions. I’m a big fan of the Fridays for Future movement, just as I support our democratic parties and of Europe. I think that we need more of a momentum than just asking politicians and economy to change. Yes, there are a few things those ladies and gents need to change, and change quickly. But we too must strive to develop our full potential. We have to consciously change our way of life to climate friendliness. Every single one of us. Because if we change, together, then so will the economy. And politics. If we can manage to adjust our own ways, then there is real reason for H.O.P.E. for us humans on planet Earth.

At the end of my life, I don’t want to have missed out on at least trying everything possible. One of the reasons is that I want for my two sons to be able to enjoy the beauty of this planet. The first of my personal actions towards climate friendliness was to change my everyday life step by step. I asked myself: In what areas can I improve quickly and easily? After a pilgrimage on the Way of St. James, decelerated mobility on foot was such a change. Walking into town for work or to meet friends was a relief! Reducing animal products from my diet was next. These changes felt good. And right. And healthy. And they were actually fun, too. I even enjoy coffee from compostable CO2-neutral capsules.

the journey to 2020

And then I thought about how to make this kind of fun climate-friendly activities accessible for as many people as possible. Because changing as a society is a different approach than „just“ calling for changes from above. If we change, everything changes. 

As a freelance filmmaker, I then conducted a little experiment: I made a movie that aimed to help one or two people to become aware of the unique era we are in. I like the filmic result, my boys were also thrilled. But the movie was a bit frightening, which is why I did not license the footage material contained therein and never published it.

Shortly after, a key experience sparked a revelation. As I was riding the train one evening, I admired a breathtaking sunset through the window, silhouetting the suburb and the Rhine bridge. An impressive sight! But none of my fellow travelers seemed to notice. They didn’t seem to pay attention. Everyone was focusing on their cell phone. For a second there, I felt lost. How will our species, somewhat overwhelmed by digitalization, manage to practice awareness for the uniqueness of our planet on a daily basis? How will we address the great human challenge of global climate change? We constantly keep ourselves busy with medium-sized and minorly relevant things on the net. And the economy has adjusted accordingly. Which gave me an idea: Right there in front of our eyes, inside these digital expansions of our body, we need something that supports us humans in the face of the climate challenge. Something that sparks our best effort. It’s time for a people-on-the-planet-hero-app on our phones!

An app with the single goal of advocating climate-friendly behavior. An app that champions us as step-by-step climate heroes by helping us refocus our gaming world and social networking habits 100% towards climate protection. 

From then on, the ideas just kept on coming and developed into the, so far nameless, project.
It would be a reflection of our climate-friendly activities. That we care for and for which we are rewarded. And that we share with our environment. A fire was lit inside me. The feedback from my closest people (Joseph! Jonathan! Irena!) drove me to keep evolving the idea. To substantiate it. To flesh it out over a phase of idea development lasting several months. By the way, back then the working title was “Green Life Points”. But a thought occurred to me… it’s about us humans on the planet. Humans on planet Earth. When I wrote down the acronym H.O.P.E., I was blown away.

The modules getting around, nutrition, shopping, living and friends were the first to be thought through. games and news followed shortly thereafter. From then on, the rough concept was waiting for me to take the time and find the courage to implement it.


Usually, I like to travel at the beginning of a year. This year, though, I put traveling on the back burner. Instead, by the middle of January, I retired to the tower of very dear friends of mine and began to put the project in writing and on film. My son lent me his new iPad and Jimmy appeared on stage and added his personality to the equation. I then presented the interim result (this website and the first movie) to friends. And co-workers. It’s hard to describe the upswing that followed for the project and I can only begin to thank everyone at this point. I described the recent developments in a bit more detail in a blog article. Let me briefly introduce three people whose expertise and passion lend the project unimagined wings.

Stelly is a programmer.

His trust in the good in us humans creates new dimensions of H.O.P.E.

Swea is an emotion coach.
Her empathy helps Jimmy ignite a firework of humanity.

Jan is a climate expert.
His passionate thirst for knowledge shows opportunities that others can’t even imagine.

And now? Now we want to take you on this journey with us. We’re excited about your interest and invite you to become part of H.O.P.E.! On the next page, you will find two ways you can support the project so that together, we can bring H.O.P.E. to the planet.


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