10 thoughts that gave rise to Jimmy

We are, right now, in the middle of a species extinction that, in this form, has happened five times in the history of this planet.

This time, neither a volcanic winter nor an asteroid popping down on Earth are responsible. It’s us humans. We are the first species ever to cause something like this.

Demise or happy ending, nothing’s set in stone – yet. We mustn’t lose sight of the small window of opportunity we’re looking at when it comes to rewriting the human chapter on planet Earth.

More than just an obligation to make the best of this time window, we literally have the opportunity to do so. Together, all generations alive today have a unique chance to actually savenot only us humans, but also countless other species. What could be a more deserving goal, right now, for our a-game?

With H.O.P.E., I want to contribute to the cause. Us humans, we won’t inhabit this planet forever. But we shouldn’t extinct ourselves. The path towards our longevity is based on change that happens from the midst of society. Coercion won’t get us there, but with a bit of H.O.P.E., motivation and awareness might.

If we, as a society, develop a more climate-friendly behavior, then the economy will follow suit. And quickly so. Any company’s survival depends on aligning themselves to our buying behavior.

When both the people and the economy dedicate themselves to climate-friendly ways, it will be easier for politicians to advocate the kind of climate policy that we so urgently need today.

That’s how, collectively and united, we can actually stop the global destruction we’ve caused. We won’t be able to bring back the countless species that have already been lost. But we may save many others. Including our own.

For us, as humans, this brings about a conclusive response to the question of whether the digital revolution with all its artificial intelligence will turn out to be a curse or a blessing. If we use them to save the world, the answer is clear!

Ultimately, this kind of response to the climate crisis, rising from society itself, would be a blazing plea for democracy. And for Europe.

At a political, an economical, and a human level.