in a nutshell

H.O.P.E. will be the most hopeful app on your mobile phone – for the protection of our climate and thus of humanity. H.O.P.E. helps you to actively bring more climate friendliness into your everyday life. You decide what exactly you want to do, how much and at what pace, so you can contribute to the protection of our blue planet in your own individual way.



Let’s be honest: climate protection usually seems to be quite exhausting. First, you always have to think about it – and then often do things that feel awkward or unusual. H.O.P.E. rethinks with new thoughts: It fills climate protection with positive emotions, empowers you to become active in a suitable, integrative way, self-determined and with ease. So that climate friendly behavior gradually gets into your blood and becomes a part of you – and you become part of the H.O.P.E. movement. Our goal: to redefine climate thinking and protect our planet together with joy and passion.

may I introduce

At the H.O.P.E. app, Jimmy welcomes you. Jimmy is the charming digital reflection of your climate friendliness. He will provide you with so-called H.O.P.E. modules, such as simple and ingenious things like a climate-friendly traffic navigation system and a green shopping assistant. Jimmy will love climate-friendly things you do from day one, he doesn’t care about anything else. And if you act climate-friendly, he will get hope: H.O.P.E. points, to be exact. These make his heart beat faster! More later.

small foretaste

There’s one thing you should know about Jimmy right here: He loves beautiful things, he’s adventurous, and pleasure is important to him. Let yourself be surprised how this looks like in detail. Exchange your collected H.O.P.E. points for a snowboard, because Jimmy loves the natural phenomenon snow. Or for a diving goggles, so that he can discover the beauty of the underwater world. There are also nice accessories for Jimmy, like a sombrero for the sun and new looks and moves. Karamba!

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