in detail

H.O.P.E. is your interactive support system towards making smart choices for yourself and the planet. Climate protection is no longer an abstract but a playful part of your everyday life. You collect achievements and receive rewards. Your greatest accomplishment: At the end of every H.O.P.E. season you trigger a wave of climate protection measures.

Off we go!


Jimmy offers you individual tips and tricks tailored to your day-to-day life to help you create a more climate-friendly daily routine. You decide on exactly how Jimmy gets to inspire you: H.O.P.E. is module-based, meaning you’re free to specify the scope and pace as well as which exact areas of your life you’d like to inject with climate friendliness.

Scroll down for a summary on all the great things Jimmy will have in store for you and how they can change your life. We’re currently in the polishing stage and every H.O.P.E. update will bring you optimized tools and brand-new features.

By the way: Inside the individual modules, you can set very specific goals for yourself, like to move 30% more climate-friendly next week. Every time you reach a goal, Jimmy will celebrate extra H.O.P.E. Points and a new challenge badge. But more on that below. First, let’s give you an overview of the individual modules.

getting around

Overview: Jimmy guides you towards climate-friendly mobility in your everyday life.

Example: You want to get from A to B. Jimmy suggests different routes with the following information:

1) The duration of your journey on foot, by bus, by bike, by car…
2) How climate-friendly the respective option is.

You decide on a means of transport and let Jimmy navigate you to your destination. You’ll then receive H.O.P.E. Points depending on the route selected. And if you chose a CO2-intensive way of traveling, an optional CO2 offset is just one click away.



Overview: You want to go on vacation and wonder how you can make your travels climate-friendly? Jimmy maps out exciting and relaxing travel destinations and turns your vacation into a climate-friendly adventure trip.

Example: Every year the EU lists particularly climate-friendly cities. Jimmy showcases the places to go, things to do and goings on around town. And he’ll navigate you there in a climate-friendly and relaxed way.

Clever: During your trip, are you discovering new ways to live climate action? Mark them on the map to share them with other H.O.P.E. travelers.


Overview: Jimmy knows that now and again you need to buy certain things, such as clothes or a toothbrush. He will present you with places to buy climate-friendly products.

Example: Jimmy shows you the hip second hand shops in your area and guides you to supermarkets that offer unpacked produce. He also finds new innovative, climate-neutral products online.

Clever: If you have activated both the shopping and getting around module, Jimmy will suggest, for example, taking a smart detour on your way home to make an environmentally conscious purchase.



Overview: Climate-conscious nutrition is tasty and healthy, but unfortunately oftentimes difficult to comprehend. Jimmy helps you conjure up climate-friendly meals.

Example: You want to eat 30% more climate-friendly next week. Jimmy suggests seasonal recipe ideas or guides you through two vegetarian days a week.

Clever: If you have activated both the nutrition and shopping module, Jimmy will give you tips on where to buy regional products.


Overview: Take Jimmy on a tour through your home and he’ll give you tips that will help you protect the climate in no time.

Examples: Jimmy lets you know which electricity providers deliver sustainable green electricity to your address. Or he tells you which soap manufacturer cares about not just profit but also their impact on our planet.

Clever: Do you have something that you no longer need and want to get rid of? Use the share shelf – maybe someone near you has use for it.


body & soul

Overview: Inside this module, Jimmy helps you to inject your everyday life with good deeds for the planet and your physical and mental well-being at the same time. He helps you combine care for the planet with care for yourself.

Example: Jimmy makes sure that you don’t sit too much and motivates you to go outside. For your mental fitness, he recommends methods that help you reduce stress, slow down your thought carousel, and free up headspace so you can focus on the important things in your life.



Inside this module, Jimmy tells you about climate-relevant news from your region and the world – always set against his characteristic canvas of H.O.P.E.. What progress is happening right in your city? What changes can H.O.P.E. users measure? Where does climate change already affect your surroundings and how do you best respond to it? Finally, where do exciting climate protection campaigns take place that lure you off the couch and outside, JOYning the movement?


Jimmy and you will quickly feel connected. Time for a H.O.P.E. selfie! Place your Jimmy in the real world with your cell phone camera and take a picture of the two of you together.

Share it with your friends to help fill the H.O.P.E. community with life and spread Jimmy’s message.


mobile games

This module is particularly fun. Over time, you’ll find a variety of mobile games, tailored to inspire the younger generation in particular while training our perception for the beauty and wonders of this planet we call home. Augmented Reality awakens Jimmy’s thirst for adventure, so prepare for exciting experiences with him!


We’re already brainstorming many more modules and Jimmy would love to know what interests you. What features would serve you best? Listening to our users helps us gradually develop the H.O.P.E. app and offer new modules. After all, H.O.P.E. is about a new, holistic and positive approach to climate friendliness. And since Jimmy is a clever little fellow, he knows that every one of you counts to give the H.O.P.E. movement momentum.

H.O.P.E. points

Jimmy wants to motivate you to protect our climate. And we think the two of you should be rewarded. That’s why the H.O.P.E. app is built on the reward principle. Inside the modules, your various climate-friendly actions will win you H.O.P.E. Points. We’ll explain it all in detail a little later. By the way, no points will be deducted for climate-damaging behavior, Jimmy will simply ignore it. Now let’s look at what you can do with your collected H.O.P.E. Points.

Inside the app, H.O.P.E. Points are your currency. You can exchange them in the H.O.P.E. Store for fun gimmicks for Jimmy. You could put him in brand-new hiking boots. You could get him a pair of sunglasses or equip him with a skateboard or stand-up paddle. You can also expand his moves and skills. You can adapt Jimmy to your own lifestyle or just let your imagination run wild.

And Jimmy has another way of motivating you. Each module offers a set of specific badges. Inside the mobility module, Jimmy offers you badges as an incentive to walk or take the bus. The badges change color with every action you take for the climate. First they’re gray, then gold and finally turquoise. The turquoise badge celebrate you as a „running hero“, „bike master“ or „oat milk angel“. You get the picture.

One more thing: Every accomplishment in your badge collection you will bring you more H.O.P.E. points.


You’re free to keep all your H.O.P.E. activity to yourself. Or you could climb the next level of climate protection and share your progress and goals with your friends.

That’s what „friends“ are for. Here you can motivate each other to more climate-friendly activity. All the wonderful things you do for climate protection are sure to inspire your friends to take action. And vice versa, you’ll get a lot of new ideas from your friends. That way, Jimmy wants to connect climate heroes inside the H.O.P.E. app.

Your friends may find it exciting to walk the walk, literally, and join you when you’re walking from A to B. Or your neighbor brings you a serving of the fresh rocket from the regional market. Jimmy supports you in these joint climate protection campaigns. Notice anything? Together, you’ll save the world, step by step.


Are you as excited about H.O.P.E. as we are? Then now’s the perfect time to get yourself a bowl of munchies. We’re heading for the final fireworks! Every H.O.P.E. Point you collect increases your S.t.C. Score. S.t.C. is short for „Save the Climate“. It showcases your personal climate climate rescuer level.

Your S.t.C. Score increases until the end of each H.O.P.E. season. By the way, exchanging H.O.P.E. Points does not reduce your S.t.C. Score! Whether you invest your H.O.P.E points to buy one hat for Jimmy or four – your S.t.C. score remains unchanged.

At the end of each season, your level will be used to support climate protection measures in the real world. You decide which project you donate your H.O.P.E. achievements to. The more climate-friendly you were during the season, the more extensive the measures you’ll be able to support.

Your collected points support an effective climate protection program. And of course Jimmy and you will receive a great award for that. At the end of each season we’re going to celebrate climate-friendly parties across planet: The H.O.P.E. music festival.

Are you in?

your data

You’ve noticed it already: Jimmy has nobel goals he wants to accomplish with your help. And to take your hand and guide you towards becoming a climate hero, you’ll have to entrust him with some data: where you are. Where you want to navigate. What kind of food you enjoy. What you shop for. And so on. Therefore, one thing is very important to Jimmy and certainly relevant to you: You’re the one who controls your data.

your control: We leave it up to you which data you want to share with Jimmy. If you don’t want to share anything, Jimmy offers you general tips such as: „This food is 25% more climate-friendly than schnitzel and fries.“ If you activate a module such as shopping, you can choose between different levels of privacy settings. For example, you can choose to share only where you are. Or where you are and that you are looking for a t-shirt.

Your right to self-determination: If, for example, at some point you want to delete all your data from the „nutrition“ module, Jimmy forgets everything he has ever learned about you. Everything. We promise.

Transparency: At any time, you can download all the information Jimmy knows about you as a PDF file. 

Purpose: Your data will only be used to make your contribution to climate protection as simple as possible. That’s vitally important to Jimmy. And you agree, don’t you?

Thank you for your attention! And if you’ve made it here, you’re sure t like the next page. They offer you insights into our background and the H.O.P.E. history to date.