the magic of the beginning

That’s what Jimmy helps you experience so that with your help, he will save us humans on this planet. Do you share this goal? That’s fantastic! We are currently developing the tool that should make this biggest of all tasks easier for you. Because at this point we have no choice but to take action. And we need you to make it happen!

Here we propose two ways you can help us. And just like that, you’ll be a fully involved part of H.O.P.E.. If you want us to, we’ll keep in steady contact. We understand that to achieve our big goal, we need to stand together.

how you can help. part 1.

Jimmy’s greatest strength: he knows exactly what he wants and how to achieve his goal. He knows the step-by-steps how we can become climate friends and he understand that listening to you is crucial to achieving our goal. Listening WHOLEHEARTEDLY. That’s why Jimmy’s so happy about your ideas, your input, your critic and your help.

We need your participation right from the start of our crowdfunding campaign: Where should Jimmy start? What’s your critic about the concept? What are additional points we absolutely need to consider? Which environmentally-friendly points of interest can you put on the map? Every tip and every thought can make a big difference! We will start H.O.P.E. interactively. Among other things, we’ll be connected through social media and video livestream, and we’re very excited!

Even and especially beyond the initial phase, we’ll continue to develop the project with you. For this purpose, we’ll install interactive areas in many places throughout the app. Until the end of the crowdfunding campaign, you can find the latest announcements right there on the crowdfunding page.

The easiest way to let us know your thoughts is by filling out our „JIMMY ASKS“ questionnaire.

how you can help. part 2.

Another way to help us implement the project is to fund our campaign. We’d be extremely grateful! Your financial support gives us the opportunity to focus all our time on the project. We truly appreciate the responsibility.

All updates are listet here.