shape the biggest adventure of our time

The Project H.O.P.E. – humans on planet earth is one answer to climate change. This cheeky chop is Jimmy. He is interested in one thing and one thing only: environmental friendliness. He playfully invites you to shape your daily life to be gradually more climate-friendly. He does that entirely without pointing any fingers! His tool is the H.O.P.E. App, where Jimmy inspires and celebrates everything you do that is climate-friendly. Oh, and by the way: Behaviour that is harmful to the climate will be ignored by Jimmy; that’s just how he is.


A colorful bouquet of challenges, information, and rewards is waiting for you. Turn your life into a climate adventure and be part of the solution! What will be your next H.O.P.E. Adventure? And will you take Jimmy or all of your friends with you on this hopeful journey?


The home screen.

The “mobility” module   

Climate-friendly routes

what is the H.O.P.E. App doing exactly?

In the H.O.P.E. App, Jimmy takes climate protection and breaks it down into everyday actions that are comprehensible and easy-to-understand. He proposes ideas that match you and your lifestyle. The time where protecting the climate was exhausting and dry is over. To act climate-friendly becomes a colorful adventure for everyone. The H.O.P.E. App is split into various modules. Right now, the modules “Mobility,” “Diet,” and “Friends” are implemented and running. If you do anything that is climate-friendly, you can earn points and awards. At the same time, you inspire your surroundings with each little heroic climate deed. You can find out how this works in detail here:

what kind of project is this?

H.O.P.E. is a project for climate protection made by humans, for humans. The whole concept was thought up by Konrad Licht, 41 years of age and father of two teenagers. Both the app design and the drawings of Jimmy stem from him. After a pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago, he had the idea for the app, which turns climate protection into a journey of discovery, where everybody finds inspiration and the ability to share ideas and climate protection activities. Konrad told his friends and acquaintances about his vision, which led to the energetic team’s fast growth. The project has been in the realization phase since the end of 2019. An ever-growing number of enthusiastic people were incorporated along the way. When the private savings were running out, the team hosted a thrilling Crowdfunding event where 416 supporters brought Jimmy to the starting line. If you are interested in learning more about the project’s history and the people behind the app, click here. If you want to take part and help grow the project even further, you’ll find some breezy suggestions here.