goal: climate friendliness

Each module and every challenge inside the H.O.P.E- App aims to infuse society with climate friendliness. A goal of this size can’t be accomplished overnight. It takes time, patience, and persistence. To stay on track, it is helpful to define intermediate objectives. And that’s how they look like.

everyday climate friendliness

With the little things, we do each day. And the things we stop doing. H.O.P.E. will lend a hand and help each individual. By giving the inspiration to discover some things. More often than not, it is more of a rediscovery, really. Sometimes we just stopped doing things like traveling on foot or eating healthy. Rediscovering these things can be and should be fun. And when those things contribute to getting on top of the colossal task that is “climate protection,” it enables us to experience this everyday climate protection as what it really is: the biggest adventure of our time. Everyday climate protection will become your friend, and with H.O.P.E., that friend will have a face and a name. Jimmy is eager to shape your daily life to be more climate-friendly. And while this experience is fun already, it contributes to something bigger.

economic climate friendliness

One effect is the alignment of the economy with climate protection. It’s one of the fastest impacts that goes beyond the limits of the individual adventure. When a climate-friendly lifestyle can be observed in consumer behaviour, the economy is quick to react. When climate-friendly products are in high demand, the supply for those products skyrockets, during this process, creative energies are unleashed, and new ideas are forming. We can see this already happening around us, but many outcomes are yet either unknown or too expensive. As climate adventurers, this lies in our hands. This will be the next level: By changing our consumer behaviour, we will reshape the economy and invite them to take part in the adventure “climate protection.” When humans and economy come together in protecting the climate, a whole new adventure comes within arm’s reach.

political climate protection

At the heart of politics, there is finding a common path. When society lives climate-friendly, politicians will have a much easier time making consistent climate-friendly policies. When politics doesn’t mean mediating between climate activists and people less interested in the topic. When society is imbued with the wish to protect the climate, then politics have it easier to shape the climate protection policy that is needed right now. And going from there, all of a sudden, the biggest of goals doesn’t seem unreachable anymore.

global climate protection

Suppose Germany and Europe manage to transport the adventure “climate protection” from the individual level to one that concerns society as a whole while addressing the ecological and economic aspects. In that case, others will be all eyes and watch the results. They will all want to know why climate protection is so essential to the population and how it kicked off a sustainable economy boom. When other nations act out their version of this adventure, eventually, the big goal doesn’t seem so unrealistic anymore. In any case, it’s worth an honest try, wouldn’t you agree?


Before any goal is realized, there is the first step. And the first step of project H.O.P.E. is to shape your daily life to be more climate-friendly. In the H.O.P.E. App, Jimmy does precisely this, but in a playful manner.


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