The “nutrition” module is Jimmy’s most tasty module. This is the place where Jimmy makes transparent how climate-friendly your groceries and food items really are. To shape your meal to be a little more climate-friendly, Jimmy inspires you with tips, challenges, and rewards without sacrificing the taste. Because hey, enjoying food is still important to Jimmy.

climate protection is tasty

With one glance, the module “nutrition” will inform you which vegetables and fruits are in season right now. With one click, you’ll get insight into the carbon footprint each food item carries. This is the informative aspect. Secondarily, the module will tell you a little about the history of the food which you’re eating.

But that’s not everything. Jimmy prepared recipes that will tell you how climate-friendly they are. Why don’t you share the recipe of your favorite dish next?

Oh, one more thing: If any of your groceries get close to their best-by date, just throw a food party with your friends! Faithful to the other modules, the “nutrition” module is packed with challenges and rewards. However, they’re not as tasty anywhere else but here.

function overview

Current functions 

  • Calculate the climate-friendliness of recipes
  • H.O.P.E. Points for a climate-friendly diet
  • Challenges to encourage a more climate-friendly diet
  • Information about groceries, carbon footprints included
  • A variety of tips and lifehacks
  • Host food parties
  • Linked with the “Friends” module

Planned functions

  • Linkage with other modules for interactive suggestions
  • H.O.P.E. Community cooking experience


This is just the beginning! We have lots of things in mind, surely there is something for you!