jimmy’s plans

The form the app is in right now is just the beginning. The H.O.P.E. App should not be anything less but a swiss army knife for us humans to fight against climate change. We have plenty of ideas and plans. Here is a quick overview of what to expect inside the app in the foreseeable future. Jimmy sincerely invites you to support every plan with your own ideas.

the “shopping” module

The “Shopping” module is a stage for climate-friendly products. Jimmy lists climate-friendly alternatives and rethought economically sustainable concepts. A chocolate bar with sustainable ingredients and organic packaging? An innovative cloth that replaces aluminium foil? Backpacks made of ocean plastic? You get what it’s about! …

And yes, Jimmy is aware that consumption itself is a critical topic inside a climate protection app. For this reason, the app will provide hints and tips on how to recycle, upcycle, and share so that we don’t have to buy anything new at all.

 the “travel” module

The “Travel” module is all about experiencing your vacation as exceptional and adventurous as possible, all the while keeping it climate-friendly. Protecting the climate and traveling seems to be a contradiction. But this is not so. With the help of his most adventurous module, Jimmy will invite you to different activities and goals while keeping an eye on the climate. The things most important to the “Travel” module are: Destinations, arrival, and activities on-site.

 the “living” module

“Living” is all about shaping your home to be as climate-friendly as possible while keeping it nice and cozy. Jimmy likes it nice and cozy. The “Living” module will be the home to many small and big hints around resource-saving and waste prevention. But there will also be enough space for experiments regarding insects or home-grown plants from food leftovers. Because climate protection is a daily adventure, even at home.

 the “body & soul” module

Inside the “body & soul” module, your well-being is of utmost importance. Not so much what you’re doing, but more how you’re feeling. Jimmy thinks that there is a direct connection between the well-being of the planet and its inhabitants. Mindfulness for oneself is a key for mindfulness for the planet. What is good for you is often good for the earth. Protecting the climate is protecting humans. This module is all about you feeling good.

 the “games” module

This will be the most fun module! Jimmy envisions a collection of minigames, all under the banner of climate protection. Those games won’t keep you glued to your device for hours at a time. But every game will have its own way to enable a new perspective to the topic of “climate friendliness.” 

For example: Do you remember the fishing game where players had to catch fish out of the ocean? If a player collected trash, it wasn’t rewarded. Jimmy will turn this the other way!

the “news” module

The H.O.P.E. App is all about your climate friendliness. And the climate friendliness of your friends. But Jimmy is sure of one thing: You care for how climate-friendly your city, your country, your continent, your planet is. Sure thing, you’re also interested in exciting successes in the fight against climate change. Perhaps these news won’t be the very latest, but they will be interesting and always about protecting the climate. A pool of ideas that shows itself as soon as one takes a look outside of the box.

the “jimmy cam” module

With “Jimmy cam,” only one thing will be possible: Taking pictures together with Jimmy. No matter if you’re snapping a selfie or a sunset. What you’re doing with those treasures is up to you! But if you share them with your friends, you’re automatically sharing Jimmy’s vision of a future that is climate-friendly. And, of course, this brings in points!

the “mobility” module

The “Mobility” module has been there since Season 1. But this is only the first version of the module. Jimmy still has lots of plans for this module. Wouldn’t it be great if you could identify plants on the roadside with a simple click? And wouldn’t it be exciting if the whole map would be full of climate treasures? And psst: Jimmy is really into the concept of augmented reality.

the “diet” module

Since Season 1, Jimmy encourages you to a more climate-friendly diet. But he still has big plans for this module. Right now, the seasonal products are only adjusted for the European market. But in Australia, things of course look differently. There is still a lot of work to be done. And besides: He would love to be seen in animated recipe videos.


want to help?

The list above is a lot of work. We’re a small team that can only go step-by-step. If you would like to support us financially or with your energy and ideas, we’d appreciate it a lot!