Inside the “Mobility” module, Jimmy hands you a climate-friendly navigator. With challenges and rewards, he inspires you to turn your daily mobility into a short getaway. Take a few souvenir photos and invite your friends to rediscover the world along with you.

to move is to travel

Need to go from point A to point B? With the “Mobility” module, Jimmy suggests routes that are climate-friendly. Every time you travel in a climate-friendly way, you earn H.O.P.E. Points. Every walk, however, so small, will become part of your Mobility Challenges. And don’t forget: You inspire your environment to ditch the car. Share accomplishments of your climate-friendly movement! 

But that’s not everything. On their daily routes, Jimmy motivates users to collect trash, to relish the sunset, and to once in a while, take a breather at stoplights. He encourages us to view mobility as travel. Because that’s what it is. We always take up a little journey if we go somewhere. Climate-friendly mobility is thereby always a little bit like a vacation in itself. Let’s go, let’s turn your daily routes into a small expedition! Share pictures with your friends! Or even better: Just take them with you!


function overview

Derzeitige Funktionen

  • Current functions 
    • Climate friendly route suggestions
    • Rewards for climate-friendly movement
    • Challenges
    • Map mode: Back To The Roots
    • Set pins: Souvenir photos
    • Rewards for collecting waste
    • Linkage with the “Friends” module

     Planned functions

    • Linkage with other modules for interactive suggestions
    • AR-connection

a little bit of appetite?

Let’s take a look at Jimmy’s most delicious module.