H.O.P.E. sees itself as a project made by humans, for humans. No project, no social stratum, and no country can get a hold of the climate crisis independently. We can only accomplish this goal together. In this process, every single one counts. Just like we can only tackle the climate crisis together, we can only realize this project together. We made a start but for it all to make sense; we need you. How would you like to participate? We collected some ideas and listed them below:


No matter how big or how small they may be: Your ideas can make a big difference. Got a suggestion on how to reduce waste production? Discovered a local farm shop? Any climate-friendly products to recommend? Please keep them coming! If you want to give us the chance to integrate them into the app or project, please use this form.

time & energy

Do you want to support the project with your time and energy? There is a wide variety of possibilities! More and more people work on Jimmy’s mission behind the scenes. This also works great from home. No matter how much time you have, everybody can do something. And we would be excited if you would use your time and energy as a part of H.O.P.E.! Despite H.O.P.E. being far away from making profits, we might find a way to connect? We’re looking to a message to or apply for an

financial support

Because H.O.P.E. is a passion project that started off on private savings, financing will be a topic for some time. There are many options for how you could support us financially. The most straightforward form is through PayPal. The alternative to that would be Patreon, where you can support the project on a monthly basis. But the probably most exciting way of support is to be part of our crowdfunding where you can root for us till the end. (Coming soon…)

thank you so much

… that you are supporting us, no matter which way!