The “Friends” module is a climate-friendly network. This is the place where you discover the climate-friendly activities of your friends. Keep a close eye at who becomes climate hero of the month first. Who tried out what idea – or contributed one themself? Show your friends which climate-friendly activities you enjoy. Encourage each other to reach your goals!

being part of the solution together

An individual can’t stop the climate crisis. It’s a task that can only be tackled together. But where to start? In your personal surroundings! Inspire people around you to more climate friendliness with the “Friends” module.

Inside the module, you’ll have insight into everything your friends tested out already. Encourage each other or challenge another. Because Jimmy wants to be friends with you, he will use the module to tell you about new discoveries regularly. With the module “Friends, climate protection turns into a party! Are you in?


function overview

Current functions 

  • Climate friendly network
  • Inspiration & motivation
  • Rewards for inspiring other users

Planned functions

  • Challenge-Events
  • Groups

on the run?

Everything started with the “Mobility” module and it’s already a small Discovery package even in its beta stage.