goal: climate protection

Project H.O.P.E. – humans on planet earth has the goal to breathe new life into climate protection. With the H.O.P.E. App, we aim to inspire all parts of society to be more climate-friendly. But we don’t plan stopping there: We will provide a stage for the most effective climate protection projects. For this reason, we founded HOPE4EARTH.

what is hope4earth?

HOPE4EARTH is a nonprofit corporation with one purpose: Collecting donations and forwarding them to the most effective projects for climate protection. Its ambassador is called Hope.

who is Hope?

Hope not only stays true to her name, but she also dedicated herself to saving the climate! She always thinks in possibilities and chances. Multiple times during the year, she forwards her collected funds as part of a climate protection party. For this, Hope works closely together with H.O.P.E. Proportional to their collected H.O.P.E. points. App users obtain votes which enable them to have a say in the allocation of donations. Hope is already looking forward to regular climate protection parties and invites you to celebrate with her and to be part of something bigger.

donate hope!

Want to take part? Donate an amount of your choice to the following account: 

Name: HOPE4EARTH gUG (limited liability)

International Bank Account Number: DE68 5505 0120 0200 1242 46

 more information?

All information for HOPE4EARTH can be found here: