project history

You think that Project H.O.P.E. is exciting and wonder how it all came to be? Perhaps you wonder why not everything the app aims to provide is there yet? 

We summarized the development journey so far for you.

first event

In 2017 Konrad pilgrimages the Camino de Santiago for the first time. While sustainability and climate protection were always important to him, he rediscovered climate-friendly behavior and its benefits, which made him readjust his life step by step. Link: Youtube video Camino de Santiago

Link: Youtube Video Jakobsweg


second event

Reading the IPBES report’s findings of the species extinction on the planet had Konrad’s head spinning with one question: How can one get as many people as possible to act in a climate-friendly manner? 

Here is a link where the report is summarized. 


third event

During a train ride, Konrad admires the beauty a sunrise holds and wonders how everyone in the train only has eyes for their screens. This moment birthed the idea for the H.O.P.E. App. The first people with whom Konrad shared his vision were his sons. Their enthusiasm was the first catalyst.

first phase of realization: Inside the tower

January 2020, after nine-month-long drafting, Konrad visits a bunch of his friends while they are on vacation. High up in Igstadt’s water tower, he creates the first version of the website, the app modules’ initial designs, and the first videos. Stocked with those prototypes, he started to present his ideas to friends.

First reports can be found in the retrospectively released pictures on Instagram.


second phase of realization: teamplay

Responses to Konrad’s presentations are mind-blowing. While many trusty advisors and helpers worked in the background, a team was formed which dedicated a large part of their creative work to Jimmy: Stelly, Swea, and Jan regularly meet with Konrad, sometimes in B&Bs, sometimes in the children’s room.  Start-up romance at its very best! The following YouTube clip perhaps managed to show the spirit of that time the clearest.




March 2020, it’s happening. Jimmy shows himself to the public via a YouTube clip as well as the homepage. At the same time, H.O.P.E.’s Instagram goes online. We are so. so. excited!

This clip was running one day before release.

With this clip, Jimmy showed himself to the world.


realization after release

After the idea was published on social media channels and the website, we invited everyone to send us their ideas to help with the project’s growth. Many people followed this invitation which shaped the project into something it always aimed to be: A project made by humans, for humans. However, Covid-19 wanted to take part as well; that’s why the “Travel” module has to join the end of the queue. At its place steps the “Diet” module.

This video documents the situation the project was in when Corona hit the world. 

Here we’re talking about the development of the “Diet” module.


adventure crowdfunding

With the end of June, the time had come to initiate the project’s second funding phase with ambitious crowdfunding. While we missed our set goals by far, but after a turbulent switch and an ambitious finale, it becomes evident: The project can be developed further with crowdfunding.

The most informative links to the different phases are:

1. Crowdfunding campaign

2. Start of crowdfunding

3. Crowdfunding update

4. The final phase of crowdfunding

realization after crowdfunding

Starting September 2020, the “Diet” module’s realization with all its detailed sub-functions was the main focus, together with the connection with the “Friends” module. While we’re working away, many new ideas come up that we want to see integrated along the way. For the course of events, the following updates from that time are most relevant:

1. Update 1

2. Update 2

3. Press report from that time

4. End-of-the-year review 2020

beta phase

Starting February 2021, we’re launching with the beta phase. The first 100 people test the H.O.P.E. App on a variety of devices. We’re eagerly collecting feedback and optimizing a thing or two.

where does it go from here?

If you want to know how Jimmy’s journey will continue, you can read about the project’s plans here.