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We are in the middle of a species extinction which, in this form, only happened five times in the history of our planet.


This time, no volcanic winter and no asteroid that collides with the earth are to blame. But we humans are. We are the first species that is the cause of their demise.


How it progresses from here isn’t decided yet. We still have some time to rewrite the human chapter on planet earth.


We have to use the little time we have. Above all, we have the possibility to do so. Every generation alive right now has the chance to actually save not only us humans but countless other species as well.


H.O.P.E. wants to contribute. We humans won’t be on this planet forever. But this doesn’t mean that we should eradicate ourselves. A change from inside of the population is needed. This works best without any force or pressure but with the help of mindfulness, motivation, and voluntariness


When we as people change our behaviour to be more climate-friendly, the economy will soon follow. Companies align themselves with the conduct of their consumers.


When humans and the economy stand for more climate friendliness, politics will have an easier time implementing the climate policies that are needed right now.


We as humans can stop the human-made global wave of eradication. The countless species lost throughout the years can’t be brought back. But we can save many, many others, including our own.


Projects like H.O.P.E. can secondary be an answer to whether the digital revolution is a curse or blessing. H.O.P.E. wants to bring out the best of humans with the help of all digital possibilities available.


To find an answer to the climate crisis based on voluntary changes would be a prolific case for democratic solution processes. And for Europe. 


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