our goals

With project H.O.P.E. – humans on planet earth, we aim to accomplish the following objectives:

  1. Reshaping climate protection
  2. Inspire environmental friendliness
  3. Supporting global climate protection
  4. Preserving living environment

goal 1:

reshaping climate protection


The image of climate protection is way too dusty. If one hears climate protection, sacrifice, prohibitions, inadequate CO2-budgets and complicated life changes come to mind. Even though climate protection is recognized as important, it is simply a strenuous topic, and we postpone it only too willingly. H.O.P.E. reshapes climate protection and presents it as something it really is: An adventure that is not to be missed. Protecting the climate becomes easy to understand and attractive. The impact of small steps is maximized to generate a bigger impact. 

For this purpose, two companies were established: H.O.P.E. – humans on planet earth and HOPE4EARTH.


goal 2:

inspire environmental friendliness

The company H.O.P.E. – humans on planet earth, has the goal to inspire every social stratum to more climate-friendliness. This includes young school students, families, companies, schools, associations, and political organizations alike. With the help of the H.O.P.E. App, the likable figure Jimmy makes it easy for app users to act more climate-friendly step by step with ideas, tips, and tools.

With mechanisms that have been tried and tested in the world of video games and social media, users will be motivated and rewarded with points and achievements. Through the gradient development of their climate potentials, users will inspire their surroundings. The H.O.P.E. App is an environmentally-friendly network that, at the same time, represents an interface between the populace, economy, and politics. Similarly, how each user is celebrated for climate-friendly behavior, environmentally-friendly approaches by economy and politics will be presented and honored. Protecting the climate is supposed to be designed into an everyday adventure and put into action through the entirety of the public sphere.

goal 3:

supporting global climate protection


With the non-profit organization HOPE4EARTH, Jimmy’s fellow female campaigner Hope collects donations and forwards them to the most effective projects for climate protection. Users of the H.O.P.E. App use their collected points to decide which climate protection projects are next in line to receive support. In this way, a connection between the people’s daily lived environmental-friendliness, and the global climate protection projects occurs. The feeling of being an individual with little impact in the face of climate change is replaced by actively participating in the solution.

goal 4:

preserving living environment

Project H.O.P.E. is an answer to how we can react towards human-made climate change. H.O.P.E. equals protecting the climate to protecting humankind and invites everyone to shape this project and its journey. While facing a global threat, the goal is to bring out the best of our species.

 We are aware that we have only but little time to avert the approaching climate catastrophe. However, we have enough to make a meaningful impact on the course of climate change. H.O.P.E. aims to collect every idea, to concentrate and release all forces available to preserve the incomparable living environment we inhabit. For us, for coming generations, and for other lifeforms. 

how did this come about?

10  thoughts that lead to project H.O.P.E.