konrad licht

(project management + design  + media stuff)

Konrad (Background = ethnology + cinematography + photography) had the Idea for the project, he’s the one who drafted everything out and who handles the development of the project, the app-Design, Jimmy drawings, pictures, videos, public relations and all other small and bigger things these days. He enjoys walking on foot, preferably through Paris.


stylianos papageorgiou


Stelly is programming the H.O.P.E. App, but he also does way more than “just” IT stuff. On every eighth block of code, he turns to us and says: “Couldn’t we…?” And just like that, he expands the modules with new magical ideas. He likes bike rides and is definitely the type of person that charges his batteries by being around nature.

hannah barker


Hannah loves her diverse range of tasks: sometimes it’s organizational and investigative, sometimes it’s communication, and sometimes it’s magic.

jan hegenberg

(freelance author) 

Jan dives into research work and delivers profound answers to all arising questions, no matter how big or small.

janna ross

(project guardian)

 Janna started off as an intern and quickly transformed into our guardian of the back-end.

irena derksen


Irena makes sure that our wording is consistent, the overall picture coherent, and fixes Konrad’s comma errors.

udo licht


 Udo illustrated the vegetables, the fruits, the recipes, and the in-app tips.

swea münch


 Swea handles public relations and our communication.



Jimmy is the mirror of your climate friendliness. Inside the H.O.P.E. App, he inspires you to the famous “baby steps” for a more climate-friendly life.


This is Hope. Her heart beats for the most effective projects for climate protection of our time. Via HOPE4EARTH, she diligently collects donations. And you decide which projects will receive them.

become a part


Would you like to participate in the project? No matter if it’s either in your free time, in the background, or at our office? Spoiler: making wads of money with us isn’t a thing yet. But you can contribute to the future of humankind and be part of a talented team. Just get in touch via 

A great way to get hands-on experience as a starter is the legendary internship. We’re always hiring interns – attendance and home office, or in a healthy mix. Most importantly, you’re reliable and engaged. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!




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